Your consultation with a NIOXIN stylist
is likely to be different from other
salon experiences you may have had.

Our stylists are specially trained in the causes of hair thinning, and will be able to suggest a solution based on your individual needs. Here are our top five tips for making the most of your visit.

  • Understand the stylist’s role. They can share information and advise, but only a doctor will know if a medical condition is behind your thinning.
  • Prepare some specific questions to ask your stylist. If they don’t know the answers, ask if they can suggest a source of reliable information.
  • Be honest about how your hair makes you feel. Your stylist will understand and can show you how to style your hair to disguise thinning.
  • Be open to advice. Your stylist isn’t just trying to sell you products, they want you to look and feel good.
  • Be confident. If you don’t understand something, or aren’t sure about a particular style, say so.